Somewhere in the world, at any given moment in time, it’s likely a Veris system is out working in the field. With many systems operating across the USA and around the globe, providing technical support is a top priority at Veris Technologies. Here’s how we do it:

Technical support begins by doing our best to keep you from needing it. We design, extensively field-test, and manufacture rugged, reliable equipment. We simplify equipment operations with interfaces that don’t require extensive computer expertise, and by designing many self-monitoring warnings and alarms into the equipment.

All equipment eventually needs service and support. When problems happen, you’ll want to find the solution quickly and get back in the field. We provide diagnostic tools with each product to help you discern whether an issue is hydraulic, electronic, or mechanical. Items such as pH and EC simulators are typical of the standard equipment diagnostics we provide.

Veris engineers create thorough Operator’s and Parts Manuals and we keep these up-to-date and on-line. (Downloads) These include highly effective Troubleshooting guides that enable users to quickly identify and correct problems.

When you need help, you can call Veris Technologies and talk directly to an engineer or support person with hands-on knowledge of the products. We encourage clients to email questionable sensor data files for inspection by experienced Veris staff. Whether it’s via email or telephone, we strive to communicate promptly and clearly with our clients.

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