3 Sensors…1 Pass…3 Maps: The MSP3 is One Incredible Machine!

Published January 24, 2012 15:49


Msp3 2Veris Technologies introduces the MSP3, a Mobile Sensor Platform that combines three soil sensors into one machine—simultaneously mapping three critical soil properties on-the-go.

Map soil texture using soil electrical conductivity and produce precise maps of the soil variability in your fields. Soil texture is a critical factor in water and nutrient holding capacity.

Map organic matter with an optical sensor operating underneath crop residue and the soil surface. Soil OM relates closely to productivity, and is an excellent map for variable rate population and nitrogen.

On-the-go pH mapping uses pH electrodes to measure 5-10 pH samples per an acre. Precision lime applications using pH maps from the MSP3 are more accurate than grid sampling.

Customers can order their Veris system with all three sensors, or choose EC now and add OM or pH later.

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