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Published January 24, 2014 20:30

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It started in Canada and now it’s moving south into the US—and it’s not a cold front! Beginning in 1997 Agri-Trend has been helping growers achieve exceptional results. Their secret? A network of 170 professional agricultural coaches working to maximize each farm's potential. From crop consulting to farm business management, precision farming to complete data management, Agri-Trend helps improve efficiency, maximize yield and plan for the future. Agri-Trend has been using Veris soil sensing extensively since 2008. Warren Bills, VP of Agri-Trend’s Geo Solutions division reports that Veris data is a good match for Agri-Trend’s approach, as both are based in solid agronomic science. “We emphasize that agronomy needs a top-down and a bottom-up view. Top-down relates to the crop, so it includes yield maps, crop imagery, tissue tests—the bottom up view is precise soil mapping. Veris data offers a good basis for agronomic understanding, providing a clear and immediate characterization of the field. This helps with the interpretation of the top-down layers.”Agri-Trend began expanding into the US a couple of years ago, implementing its innovative precision ag program with forward-thinking Deere dealers. Now partnered with several Deere dealers from Montana to Indiana to Mississippi, Agri-Trend is rapidly expanding its bench of coaches. In central Indiana Mark Truster i

s the Agri-Coach with Reynolds Farm Equipment. In their first year their Agri-Trend program covered more than 8,000 acres of Veris mapping. “It is definitely gaining traction,” reports Mark. “Reynolds’ commitment to precision ag is outstanding and the Veris management zones provide the precision we need for variable rate seeding and zone management on our variable central Indiana soils.”

From the Peace River area several  hours north of Edmonton Alberta, across six Canadian provinces, and through nine US states, growers are finding that using Veris maps and working with an Agri-Trend coach are a powerful combination. For more information on Agri-Trend and its Veris services, please visit or call 1-877-276-7526 

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