Announcing FieldFusion

Published July 24, 2014 20:43

Maps With Legands

Many factors contribute to the productivity of different parts of a field. Until now growers and their advisors have had no easy-to-use solution to combine these key soil and field characteristics into actionable maps. Veris has developed FieldFusion™, which transforms soil and field data into fused maps that can guide precision applications from variable rate seeding to locating the ideal moisture probe placement.The first fused data layer in the FieldFusion™ platform is PrecisionSeed, a fusion of the two primary properties responsible for water and nutrient holding capacity: texture (soil EC) and organic matter. With PrecisionSeed, growers and their advisors can be confident they have accurately delineated productivity zones and that the right rate will go on the right acre. PrecisionSeed removes the doubt surrounding alternative VRS zones by providing an unprece dented diagnostic report on the soil in each zone.

Data collected with Stratton Equity Coop's Veris MSP3 was used in the beta testing of FieldFusion™. Soil EC, organic matter, soil depth, and slope were all taken into consideration when helping locate the moisture probe locations on a pivot near Stratton, CO."The fused map really reflected what was happening in the field. But most of these factors weren't visible without the Veris data revealing how and where the soil changed," said Cory Gilbert, Agronomy Sales at Stratton Equity Coop.

As a dynamic online application, FieldFusion™ will continue to provide new combinations of data layers to improve management of nitrogen, irrigation timing and placement, and guide rates of many different applications. All maps are mobile friendly so they can be accessed on handheld devices and brought into other GIS systems. To learn more about FieldFusion and this first line of maps visit You can also email [email protected] or call 785-825-1978.

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