Corn Belt Co-op Covers the Acres

Published July 01, 2011 14:22

Co Alliance 1Co-Alliance Cooperative has been farmer owned and operated since the 1920’s when five co-ops in Indiana came together to provide better business for their customer-owners. Co-Alliance now reaches across Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan with over five hundred employees. Tim Rodgers in Schoolcraft, MI is the operator of a Veris 3100, providing customers with detailed soil texture maps. Tim has mapped 7,000 acres with his Veris--over 100,000 acres have been mapped by Co-Alliance (and their predecessor Impact Co-op) since the late 1990’s with their two Veris 3100’s.

The Schoolcraft MI location also offers soil sampling, field scouting, GPS fertilizer spreading, and GPS lime spreading. Tim is seeing great results in providing their customers with soil texture zones and points for GPS sampling; which allows him to create variable rate planting maps for seed and fertilizer applications. Tim believes that there will be a continual increase interest in Veris’ texture maps, “with the increasing cost of fertilizer, the Veris maps help farmers determine the amount and location for their fertilizer, adjusting the quantity they use.” The Veris soil texture maps have help Co-Alliance and Tim to provide high quality field maps to their customers offering them a way to save money in fertilizer and seed application.

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