Did you know? -- Corn&Soybean Digest


Published July 24, 2013 17:04

Veris Technologies conducts extensive field research on each new product. We frequently summarize our research results and submit papers to peer-reviewed scientific journals. In 2012 Veris-submitted papers on the OpticMapper and on the MSP3 were accepted for publication in these highly respected scientific journals: Agronomy Journal, Geoderma, and BioSystems Engineering.

CropinsightIn November 2012, Veris appeared on the cover of Corn and Soybean Digest. The magazine’s feature story was an article on soil sensing that focused on Veris EC, pH, and OM maps. Also, a Crop Insights bulletin about Veris soil sensing was recently published by DuPont-Pioneer. European farmers recently read an extensive article on the Veris MSP3 in Profi, a major farm publication, titled ‘Bodenkarten Mobil Erstellen’ which translates ‘Mobile soil mapping created’.

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