Did you know? -- SoilViewer

Published January 24, 2012 15:59

SoilViewer is Veris mapping software that is included with all purchases of new Veris electronics. SoilViewer allows the operator to view and log EC, pH, or OM maps in real time on any Windows laptop. Seeing the maps ‘on-the-go’ provides instant feedback on data quality and field coverage. You can also show your customers high-quality field maps on the spot. When purchasing new Veris equipment, SoilViewer and your laptop can be used in place of the Veris DataLogger—reducing the initial purchase price of the Veris system. SoilViewer can also be installed on your desktop to quickly review sensor data maps prior to processing. A version of SoilViewer for older Veris instruments can be purchased for $250.  

Soil Viewer

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