Did You Know? -- Veris Data Contributes to Record Corn Crop

Published January 24, 2014 20:32

World RecordVeris Data Contributes to Record Corn Crop
The Winter Issue of Progressive Farmer details David Hula’s record breaking entry of 454 bushels per acre in the 2013 National Corn Growers Association’s (NCGA) National Corn Yield Contest. David’s secrets reveal an understanding that what happens in the soil affects the outcome of a crop. One important element he mentions is matching genetics to the soil. In addition, the article mentions that he “ran a Veris EC cart over the ground to produce soil maps of the rooting zone.” With this detailed soil map as a foundation, he was then able to overlay nutrient and yield data to fine tune fertilizer and soil amendment applications


As growers and their consultants find further applications for improving management through detailed soil maps, we anticipate this record to be broken again. And it wouldn’t be surprising if the new record yield is also from a grower using Veris maps.

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