I’m Farming and I Grow it

Published July 24, 2013 19:44

PetersonbrosSeveral million people have heard the Peterson Brothers and their agricultural parody of the hiphop hit “I’m Sexy and I Know it”. And if you haven’t seen this viral video, just search YouTube ‘Peterson Brothers I’m Farming and I Grow it’ for a song that will make you proud to be part of agriculture. Eric Lund, President of Veris Technologies has a special tie to the Peterson brothers; his first cousin is their mother, Marla Peterson.Greg, the oldest of the Peterson brothers wrote the lyrics. He shares that “We’ve been fortunate to have the success we’ve had with these videos--we don’t want people to take their food for granted—or God for granted. We feel blessed to be able to share what’s happening on our farm and in our lives.”

With views of their videos passing the 20 million mark it’s safe to say the Peterson brother’s passion is spreading. They continue to share with the world their joy for farming in their newest video “Farmer Style” parodying the recent hit “Gangnam Style”. And the just released “A Fresh Breath of Farm Air” from the 90’s hit show theme song “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. In addition to their parodies they now post monthly videos title “Life of a Farmer” where they summarize the monthly work involved in farming. Clearly the Peterson brothers “Have a passion for their plants and they ain’t afraid to show it”.

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