Older than Dirt-- Almost

Published July 01, 2011 14:27

The Morrow Plots at the University of Illinois, begun in 1876, are the longest continuous experimental soil plots in the US, and are designated as a National Historic Landmark. The soil on these plots is so precious that soil sampling is tightly controlled. Dr. Robert (Bob) Dunker with Crop Sciences Research and Education Center has found a way to continue detailed soil research without extracting any cores. Bob probes the soil with a Veris Vis-NIR spectrophotometer, “The Veris probe allows us to take fewer destructive samples and collect extensive sensor data from the individual plot treatments.” The Veris system he uses is a retrofit kit offered by Veris, which converts existing Giddings core samplers to the latest in Vis-NIR spectroscopy. The University also plans to use Veris soil spectroscopy in establishing new long term research plots.

Morrow Plots2 SmallfileMarrow Plot Black&White

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