Organic Matter matters

Published July 01, 2011 14:11

Whats New Om

Veris Technologies introduces the OpticMapper, a new soil sensor for mapping soil organic matter. The OpticMapper uses an optical sensor mounted within a specially configured planter row unit—mapping soil underneath crop residue and the soil surface. The OM module attaches to the Veris Mobile Sensor Platform and can be combined with Veris soil EC sensing.   
Whats New Om 2Whatsnew Soil Map

This combination of sensors creates detailed maps showing the variability of several soil properties—soil texture, salinity, cation exchange capacity, and organic matter. Precise soil mapping is critical for creating management zones, accurately varying rates of nutrients, seed populations, and other inputs. This exclusive innovation, from the world leader in on-the-go soil sensor technology, represents a significant advancement for soil-specific agriculture.

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