Real-time Implement Sensing


Published September 12, 2019 16:25

Over the past 20 years, precision agriculture has improved practices for planting, fertilizing, irrigating and harvesting crops, but it has lagged in helping farmers with what many say is historically the most important factor of agriculture — preparing a proper seedbed for planting and stewarding the soil for future crops and generations. Farm equipment manufacturers have recently begun providing growers controls to make in-cab implement adjustments to respond to changing field conditions.

However, growers have lacked real-time determination of field and soil conditions being encountered by the machine at any given position in the field. The Veris iScan+ provides the necessary constant feedback about the soil without climbing out of the cab. These instant soil sensor readings enhance machine control options by enabling a better quality tillage job and planting pass because of the soil info guiding fine tuned implement adjustments

Below: Each pass with a tillage tool attempts to accomplish a job like creating an ideal seedbed, controlling weeds, burying crop residue, and many others. Feedback from the iScan+ Flex guides the operator to make the needed adjustments to accomplish these goals.


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