Sensing a Need…for precise EC, OM, and pH mapping in Nebraska


Published July 24, 2013 17:00

Aaron Nelson was already busy mapping with his Veris MSP EC-pH system when he learned about the new OpticMapper. Sensing the need to map organic matter with the same precision as EC and pH, he was eager to add the OpticMapper to his system. Even before the MSP3 was released to production, he convinced Veris to sell him a prototype OM module—converting his EC-pH rig into the first MSP3 system to map commercially.After college, Aaron worked as a consultant while continuing to help on his family’s farm. He sensed a need for high-quality precision farming consulting which led him to establish Nelson Precision Agronomics in 2009. His company serves farmers in eastern Nebraska; specializing in crop scouting, Veris mapping, sampling, and aerial photography. “I saw a need in farming that wasn’t being met. Using Veris sensors I began providing precision services that farmers needed and no one was providing.” Aaron’s wife and business partner Liz uses her business degree to keep their data, billing, and record-keeping organized.


Aaron reviews his data quality closely and will re-map a field if it isn’t up to his standards. “I began using Veris sensing because I knew grid sampling and soil surveys weren’t accurate enough. So the soil data I collect must be as good as I know it can be. Customers may not know the difference between good and bad maps, but we do.” As a result of Aaron’s innovative mindset and attention to detail, his clients can be assured they have the best possible maps for variable rate seeding and lime.

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