Sensing a Need…for VR seeding maps in Michigan


Published January 24, 2013 16:53

It would be an understatement to say that Clark Farms in Eagle, Michigan wears many hats—including hardhats, stocking caps, and seed corn caps. In addition to farming, Clark Farms also operates several other businesses including sand and gravel excavating, snowplowing/lawncare, and transporting propane and anhydrous ammonia. In 2009, Clark Farms founded Looking Glass Seeds and began selling Pioneer seeds. They sensed that prescriptions for varying corn seed rates required better soil maps, so in July 2012 they bought a Veris 3150 EC-OM system.Looking Glass Seeds mapped 6,500 acres in the fall of 2012. Jamie Rincker, Looking Glass sales rep reports, “The response has been huge; people are asking about our Veris. We’re focusing on completing Clark Farms acres first, but are excited about offering this to our customers in 2013. We believe the combination of Pioneer seeds and Veris EC-OM maps will be extremely beneficial to our growers.”


Clark Farms, led by Pete Clark and his son Jake, is in an area of Michigan with some extremely rocky soil. As a result, they experienced damage to the sapphire window on the OM wear plate. Sensing the need for some farmer engineering, they welded keystock to the wear plate to protect the window. Problem solved. According to Jake, “We’re aware that our conditions are challenging. This isn’t the first innovation we’ve done to our farm equipment to handle rocks and likely it won’t be the last.” (A production version of the rock-plate will be available from Veris factory in 2013.)
As they have done with their Veris EC-OM system, Clark Farms senses and meets the needs of their customers and local conditions, continually adapting and adding to their company.

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