Sensing the need…for dual depth EC with ATV/UTV’s


Published July 24, 2013 16:58

Dsc03284Veris Technologies introduces the new Q2800, with dual depth soil EC capability. It was over a decade ago when Veris launched the world’s first commercial on-the-go soil mapping with the dual depth Soil EC 3100. In 2010 Veris introduced the Quad 1000 for single array EC mapping that could easily be done with an ATV. Due to the customer response and field performance of the Quad 1000, Veris now offers the Q2800, for dual depth EC mapping with ATV/UTV’s.The Q2800 implement handles tilled fields and moderate crop residue with ease. Its spring-steel tine mounted disks follow ground contours and the 15 inch diameter disks provide good soil contact. This disk spacing allows mapping in emerged 30-40” row crops.

The Q2800 combines the dual depths of the 3100 with the smaller size of the Quad 1000, creating another great member to the Veris sensor family.

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