The Quest for Precise Soil Maps…


Published July 24, 2012 16:19


Using its fleet of Veris Soil EC mapping systems, Agrii is conquering the farm fields of the United Kingdom. Agrii’s agronomy division SoilQuest has covered over 100,000 hectares in the past two years, and now with 8 Veris systems in its arsenal, anticipates generating more high-quality maps in the future. Agrii is the leading agronomy company in the United Kingdom, with more than three hundred trained advisers. SoilQuest, managed by Stuart Alexander, uses Veris sensors to create detailed texture maps that Agrii consultants use to help growers understand their soil. Stuart says “the first step is to get to know your soils-- on many farms here in the UK the large variations in soil texture and depth can have a big impact on yield.” SoilQuest’s Veris units ‘scan’ the soil variations to specify areas to soil sample. A detailed nutrient map is created which brings a clearer understanding of soil variations and allows for better targeting of inputs such as fertilizer, herbicide rate, and seed rate. Their program SeedQuest is dedicated to developing precise variable rate seeding prescriptions. Based on Veris maps, SeedQuest prescriptions helps make crops grow more uniformly, for more efficient managing of inputs. Agrii also provides SoilQuest Management Software so that the information obtained and application maps created can be stored online for easy access for all growers. With their integrated approach of combining precision farming data and the expert knowledge of agronomists, Agrii’s SoilQuest agronomy division is providing a service well-tailored to its customers.

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