Think your soil mapping window is small?

Published January 24, 2012 15:55

Try telling that to Jason Fussy with Centrol Crop Consulting in Marshall, MN who in the past 5 years has mapped 50,000 acres with his Veris 3150. This past fall he started mapping in late September and by early November had covered 11,000 acres--in the northern cornbelt. It was not uncommon for Jason and Centrol to see days where they mapped 500 acres. With dry soil conditions, Jason was initially concerned that the maps might not have the data quality he demands. He reports that the Veris 3150 performed well and generated clear, detailed maps.Centrol Crop Consulting was started by area co-ops as a scouting company, and since 1979 it has been offering ag consulting service as independent providers. Jason was eager to start working for Centrol. He notes “It’s a good company to work for, with many cutting edge opportunities in the advancement of agriculture.” Indeed, Centrol is innovative; providing other services such as satellite imaging, yield mapping, tile mapping, fertilizer, and seed prescriptions. Jason and Centrol are providing Veris EC maps for growers to enhance their fertilizer efficiency. Centrol also has a few customers dabbling in usage of the Veris maps for fungicide application on sugar beets. Jason says “customers have a very good response and the interest continues to grow”. Some of this growth is aided by the fact that many local co-ops now own multi-blend applicators, which allows growers and consultants to utilize their Veris maps with multiple nutrients. Jason sees the grower demand for precise soil maps continuing, and plans for another 10,000 acres of Veris EC mapping in 2012.

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In Minnesota, winter can cover the acres with snow from right after harvest to just before spring planting. Yet even with a narrow mapping window, Jason and the Centrol team are covering thousands of acres with their Veris system.

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