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Published January 24, 2012 15:43

In blazing heat and in bitter cold, Phil Gurley was unrelenting when it came to his Veris mapping. For 37 consecutive months, until an exceedingly wet March broke the string, Phil didn’t miss an opportunity to map soil EC with his Veris 3150. But who could blame him? It’s in his blood; Phil’s father, whom Phil refers to as a walking soil book, did soil surveying in Missouri over 40 years ago. The love of soil is rooted in the family. Phil has been working in precision ag for over 12 years; the last four have been as Precision Ag Specialist at Crop Production Services (CPS) in Portageville, MO. Prior to CPS Phil worked for his dad at Gurley Precision Ag, where he bought his first Veris in 2007. Since 2008 Phil and a co-worker have covered more than 150,000 acres with their two Veris units.Phil admits that before Veris he “grid sampled like a mad man”. He chose to use Veris soil EC mapping because he found he was missing things in his grid sampling. “Once zones are established, you can do variable rate seeding, nitrogen and other fertility and pesticide applications.” Many of Phil’s customers are using EC data for site-specific P and K applications, along with nitrogen and lime inputs. Phil reports that the response to the Veris soil EC sensor has been amazing; because “the growers can look at the map and it matches the farm or field as the grower knows it--much better than a grid or anything else.” When Phil showed one of his first EC maps to a large corn and cotton grower, the grower looked at the map, immediately pointed and exclaimed, “I know that spot!” Phil realized the map was identifying important areas, and providing a specific GPS address for those areas.

Img 3615Along with Veris mapping, CPS offers just about everything when it comes to precision ag. They process yield data, calibrate rate applicators, and do application. “In the precision world growers always have something to tweak here and there, but we can do it all”, Phil says. “Everybody has their own way they want it done.” With their Veris 3150’s and loads of expertise, CPS and Phil Gurley can do precision ag precisely the way their customers want it done. 

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