True Moisture and Soil Temperature Sensor Now Available


Published February 13, 2019 22:37

The gold standard in soil moisture measurements is now available in real-time, to improve seedbed preparation, furrow management, and planting precision. Maps

The Veris iScan is the only system that accurately measures important soil properties such as soil texture and organic matter while performing a normal tillage or planting operation. And now it simultaneously measures soil temperature and true soil moisture for the most complete view of the field and the seed environment.

The iScan’s flexibility allows mounting to both tillage and planting equipment, so it will help growers make informed decisions about:
  • Tillage, especially when working in cold, wet soils.
  • Optimal seedbed preparation.
  • Initial planter settings—last tillage pass collects data on soil conditions.
  • Planting adjustments - ensuring each seed is placed into warm, moist soil. The iScan can collect data above and below the current planting depth so an operator is able to evaluate conditions at alternative depths.

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