Veris and Climate FieldView™ team up…

Published August 01, 2017 21:08

Through a partnership between Climate FieldView™ and Veris Technologies, growers can take full advantage of the world’s first, high-resolution, on-the-go, soil sensing technology that produces precise maps of CEC, organic matter and pH. This allows farmerClimate Ssurgos to get their Veris soil data into their FieldView™ accounts to: 

• Monitor crop health and make more informed input decisions by viewing Veris data in the Fields section of their FieldView mobile app.
• Reduce the need for manual data input, with Veris data flowing directly into Data Manager. 
• Get even more customized nitrogen insights  for their unique fields with Veris’ more precise  soil maps that will automatically flow into  FieldView’s nitrogen monitoring tool.  • Better manage field variability by creating  scripting zones based on soil variability,  including OM, CEC, pH, and multiple  EC layers.

Email Veris at [email protected] to begin using your Veris data in FieldView™.

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