Veris Data Processing Center Improves Quality

Published July 24, 2013 19:51

Before Veris sold the first OpticMapper we knew that data quality would be especially critical, as sensor maps of organic matter variability would be used directly to vary inputs like seed and nitrogen. Veris took a bold step in requiring that all OpticMapper data must be submitted to our Data Processing Center for quality review and calibration. Now in the 3rd year of operation, the results of Veris data processing from the DPC are outstanding. The process is easy, quick, and inexpensive—but highly valuable. As data comes in, proprietary Veris software algorithms provide quantitative assessments. Then each field gets an ‘eyes-on’ review from Veris staff with extensive soil sensor expertise. A ‘report card’ containing suggestions for improvements in data collection, calibration sampling, along with correlation and error statistics is generated based on the quantitative and qualitative analyses and returned to the customer. This feedback loop leads to continuous improvement and assurance of data quality. The DPC also calibrates the sensor readings to CEC and OM from lab samples, converting the sensor data to important soil properties. While required for the OpticMapper data, the DPC can also process EC and pH data as well. Not only does this approach lead to improved customer usage of Veris equipment, the process is generating improved products and services from Veris Technologies.

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