Veris Maps in the Classroom

Published July 24, 2012 16:08

Morris Pic[1]

Keith Morris was finishing his Masters and Ph.D at Purdue University in the late 1990’s when he first used a Veris Soil EC Mapping System. At the time he was managing Purdue’s Site-Specific Management Center. He quickly realized the importance of the detailed soil information that Veris sensor provided.After Dr. Morris finished at Purdue he worked at NASA for four years. But his love for soil led him to Louisiana State University where he taught until 2009. He continues to educate students on soil specifics in his new role as Associate Professor of Spatial Technologies at Arkansas State University. While at both universities his department purchased a Veris EC system to use in his courses. Dr. Morris teaches his students how to assess soil variability and shows them how soil variability affects crop production. Dr. Morris believes the detailed soil maps from Veris on-the-go soil sensors are ideal teaching tools to illustrate soil variability. “Soil is the foundation for everything we do.” 

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