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New series of Veris models make data collection even easier and more profitable. Options for selling, renting and contract mapping provide flexibility and new revenue streams. Online data services provided by Veris create agronomically advanced, hyper local, and application specific management zones. An intuitive online interface allows you to write prescriptions with no training or software downloads required.
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Veris Soil Sensors

Find Variability. Find Profitability

Veris on-the-go sensors make the highest resolution maps possible of the most fundamental yield drivers: soil texture (EC), organic matter, soil pH and topography.  There are now more ways than ever to collect this crucial information:

  • Implement Series: collect Soil EC and OM data while performing tillage and other field operations. Sensors attach to implement in minutes and provide a low-cost method of Veris soil mapping. Rental options available.
  • Quad Series: our lightest, most compact soil EC sensing package can be used with ATV/quad-bikes and UTV/side-by-side vehicles. Single and dual-depth EC arrays available. 
  • Utility Series: Veris Soil EC and OM mapping is now available in a compact yet powerful package. This reduces the total equipment investment and widens the mapping window. Rental options are available.
  • Mobile Sensor Platform: Soil EC, OM, pH mapping in one pass. The Veris MSP3 is the most powerful soil mapping solution providing unmatched views of your field. Data fusion generates
    actionable prescriptions using map combinations.

We handle data processing. You handle decisions.

Nobody needs more software. Field Fusion   Nitrogen Loss RiskNobody wants more pieces to the puzzle. You want it figured out and in one place. Foundation™ gives you this by providing:

  • the guaranteed best possible map of your fields;
  • powerful data processing done for you, not by you;
  • and the keys to drive variable rate prescriptions for any input on your farm.

VRS in three clicks.

Agronomy can be like rocket science.  However, putting that knowledge to use shouldn't be.  We believe what makes a tool powerful is a combination of its capabilities and ease of use.  You won't find a better fusion of these two principles than writing variable rate prescriptions in FieldFusion™.

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